Christmas Gift Baskets


Wooden basket
I Greti ml 750
Roe dare meat sauce gr. 180
Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms gr. 250
Eggplant paté gr. 180
Acacia honey with heselnutsMiele e nocciole gr. 240
Salmon sauce gr. 90
Croccantina gr.70
Wild boar meat sauce gr. 180
Black summer truffles butter gr. 40
Bio extra virgin olive oil ml 250
Amatriciana sauce gr. 180
Pan zuppo cake gr-500
Penne three taste gr. 500
Asparagus sauce gr. 90
Tomato sauce with zucchini and porcini mushrooms gr. 180
Porcini sauce gr. 90
pz. n.16

TOTAL € 98,00

In this gift basket there are some products with weight which can vary (cheeses, salami, coockies ecc.), the price of the basket can change according to the weight variation. The basket can be changed with ine similar in value.

 This product may contain meat, wine and/or liquor. Therefore it cannot be exported to USA.

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